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Maeve Higgins

Maeve Higgins

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Thursday March 24 2011 8:00 PM

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 Maeve Higgins is a firebrand. Well, more like a sparkler. She is controversial and doesn’t care who gets hurt. Except that she does really.
Since beginning stand up four years ago, she has performed in comedy festivals around the world, including Edinburgh, Melbourne, Adelaide and Kilkenny.
In her 2006 debut show, Ha Ha Yum, at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, Maeve did stand-up while her sister Lilly made cakes. The show went on to a season in Dublin’s prestigious Andrews Lane Theatre, followed by a sold-out stand-up tour around Ireland. In 2008, the show was invited to Melbourne for their comedy festival. In between that, Maeve wrote and performed two more solo show in 2007 and is set to bring her brand new show Kitten Brides to the Edinburgh festival this year.
Maeve rapidly rose to an uncomfortable level of notoriety on Irish television in the past three years, on the most watched comedy show in the country, RTE’s Naked Camera. She is also a regular contributor to the Ray D’arcy Show on Today FM.

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