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Vintage Clothing Kilo Sale - Langtons Ballroom

Vintage Clothing Kilo Sale - Langtons Ballroom

Off Sale


Sunday April 8 2012 11:00 AM

Tickets Free Entry Off Sale

Shutterbug & Absolut Style at Set presents

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The event, which features clothes sold at €20 per kilo rather than by traditional price tags, takes place over the Easter Bank Holiday weekend (7/8th April) and is expected to draw a large crowd hoping to load up on affordable vintage.

WHAT: Absolut Style at Set vintage weekend, featuring the Shutterbug Vintage Kilo sale. No price tags, just €20.00 per kilo.

WHO: Organised by Shutterbug owner Blanaid Hennessy ( in association with Langton House Hotel.

WHERE : Langtons Ballroom, Langton House Hotel, Kilkenny

WHEN : Easter bank holiday weekend, (7/8th April) 11a,m-4pm each day.

HOW IT WORKS : You get bags to fill with all the stock you want to buy. There will be changing rooms and style assistants on site. Take whatever you fancy to the counter, where the assistant will weight it for you. It will be calculated at €20.00 a kilo.

WHAT’S IN AKILO : You can expect around 5-6 lighter items such as t-shirts/light shirts in a kilo, or 3 heavier items such as trousers/jumpers etc, making shopping very affordable!

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